Adult Classes

We are excited to be able to offer an Adult Dance Program this year starting September 11.

What to wear:

Dress in comfortable work-out clothes. Tight pants such as leggings are preferred as it allows your instructor to see how your muscles are working and help make adjustments. Hair should be pulled up and secured.

Adult Contemporary:

Learn to experience the joy of movement by focusing on breath, weight, energy, flexibility and movement through space. Bare feet are required for this class.

Adult Tap:

Learn to use your feet to create rhythms and develop your musicality. Class difficulty will be based on enrollment. Beginners welcome.

Adult Stretch and Fit:

As our bodies age we can have reduced functionality and flexibility. All fitness levels will benefit from this class that will improve joint flexibility and range of motion, reduce soreness and tension, prevent injuries, enhance balance and coordination, and improve your circulation and posture.

Adult Yoga:

Suitable for those just starting out and those with some experience, this yoga class will focus on alignment, breath, and movement to work on strength, flexibility and balance. This class will provide a physical work out, as well as calming practices to keep you balanced.

Adult Aerial Fitness:

Start date TBA. This class uses a soft hammock to do anti-gravity aerial exercises and stretches to increase strength and flexibility, improve alignment, and reduce spinal compression and pain. If you’re interested in this class please register below and we will email you with more information when we’re up and running!

There are two ways to attend classes:


Ready to hold yourself accountable and attend classes each week? Register below as a monthly student, and receive discounts. You’ll pay:

1 weekly class/ month $45.00

2 weekly classes /month $86.40

3 weekly classes / month $124.20

4 weekly classes / month $158.40


Or, if you’re not quite ready to jump right in, you can drop in to any class for $15.00 per one hour class.

How to pay:

1.) E-transfer ahead of class time: Payments can be made via e-transfer using and password dancer2013 as the answer.

2.) Credit card at time of class: will include a 3% service fee per transaction

3.) Cheque – for monthly students only

4.) Cash – for drop in students only