My child loves to dance. She’s really passionate about dance, so in that way, Pure Energy has been a fabulous, supportive place to help her realize  her dream and her passion for dance.


I think the thing I like about Pure Energy is that there is a lot of camaraderie that you don’t often see in most dance studios.  For example, last year the dad’s went on a golf tournament.  I know who the other dads are, and that doesn’t always happen.  As far as my daughters are concerned, what I find is they really like it; they like competing.  A lot of people say “well, why do you make your daughters compete?”.  I don’t make them compete; they love to do it.  And it will serve them better in life too, because…

Fundraising Opportunities

I love the atmosphere at Pure Energy and the fact that you can go to any of the parents and teachers at any time for help. It gets expensive for two kids; my kids are in everything they want to be in…and the fact that we have the opportunity to fundraise is amazing…and that makes a huge difference.

Let Yourself Be You

The thing I like about Pure Energy is that it’s a good place to let yourself be you.  And I’ve been dancing here for six years, and I know that it’s a very safe place.  And Pure Energy is like a big family and everyone loves it here.


I really enjoy that my daughter dances at Pure Energy because all the dancers are given an equal chance to compete.  When my daughter is in a not profit, I know the studio is really focused on my daughter… I know the dancers are really getting the attention and the focus.