Adult Class Descriptions

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Aerial Fusion

Aerial fitness is a unique way to fly and defy gravity with a blend of yoga, pilates and dance inspired movements done with aerial silk hammocks.  These hammocks are used as an apparatus to help support and suspend areas of the body in the hair.  It is designed to develop a balance between breathing, strengthening and relaxing all while exploring movement.  No experience required.

Baby & Me

This class is designed for one adult and one baby.  Bring your little one to your workout where we will focus on target areas to help new moms feel great.  This class will give you a chance to spend some bonding time with your baby and meet other new moms!

Stretch & Strength

As our bodies age we can have reduced functionality and flexibility. All fitness levels will benefit from this class that will improve joint flexibility and range of motion, reduce soreness and tension, prevent injuries, enhance balance and coordination, and improve your circulation and posture.  This class focuses on key muscles groups each week to stretch and strengthen.

Core & Stretch

This class will focus on strengthening your core and improving overall flexibility.  Having a strong core helps prevent injuries, reduces back pain, improves posture and helps increase your balance and stability.


Learn to use your feet to create rhythms and develop your musicality.  This class is geared towards those learning, or re-learning tap.  Our skilled instructor will provide variations for those looking for a bit of challenge.


This adult class will focus on using breath and weight to explore movement.  As an open level this class will cater to those who have some previous dance experience, although beginners are also welcome.  Contemporary dance is a creative style of expressive dance which combines elements of several dance styles including modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet.  This style of dance stresses versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet.


This adult class is for all levels and will focus on foundational ballet skills which improve posture and overall body alignment.  Ballet is a popular cross-training activity for athletes such as football players, soccer players, runners and skiers.  No tights necessary.  Come in comfortable clothes with your hair pulled up and away from your face.


*All classes are subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment numbers are not reached