jazz jump

Jazz Is your child full of personality? A little on the bold side? Or they want to be? Students can expect to strut their stuff in Jazz class; a stylized movement form that has developed in parallel to American popular music. It promotes individuality and demands performance. Seen on TV, advertising campaigns, on stage and in musicals, it is the leader of the entertainment biz. Students will improve musicality, move with power and learn to attack movement with a…

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pointe photoshoot

Pointe For Intermediate to Advanced level students. Includes barre and centre work to strengthen the feet and ankles, learn placement, and increase flexibility as they develop pointe work skills. (Note: Students must be assessed by a doctor and approved by the teacher before going up “en pointe”.) Pointe class accurse during regular Technique Ballet Class. Learn more about it here and click here for an example! Ready to sign up? Click here!

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ballet photoshoot

Ballet The Foundation of technique begins with Ballet. Learn to stand with confidence, move with precision and develop accurate posture and alignment gaining poise, grace, confidence and strength. Ballet also teaches commitment, determination and body awareness. Because of the physical demands and expectations at higher levels, Elementary, PreIntermediate, Intermediate, and Advance classes, dancers attend twice weekly. Additional classes are recommended and sometimes required to strengthen and build technique.   Learn more about it here and click here for an…

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Happy Feet

ballet shoes happy feet class

Happy Feet These dance classes are geared towards dancers aged 4 -5 years. Dancers enrolleld in happy feet will begin to explore basic ballet and tap movement with a special emphasis on interactive movement games, imaginative mimes, singing and story telling. Classes are 60 minutes once a week Learn more about tap here and here for an example! Check out our tap class page. Ready to sign up? Click here! Learn more about ballet here and click here for…

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Tiny Toes

tiny toes ballet photoshoot

Tiny Toes Our tiny toes class is full of fun and is a great way to introduce dance into your child’s life. It’s never to early to start! Classes are for ages 3 – 4. Watch your child gallop, skip, spin and jump with a huge smile on their face in Tiny Toes or Happy Feet where every class is a journey brimming with excitement, exploration and learning. Along the way, our dancers improve co-ordination and musicality, develop new…

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Rec Hip Hop

Rec Hip Hop head Stand

Rec Hip Hop Rec Hip Hop Classes are 45 minutes once a week. This class is for ages 6 – 10 and 11 – 18 age groups. Whether your child is dying to rock the floor and show off their mad style or they want to dance without the formal attire or technical pre-requisites; Hip Hop dance is powerful and electrifying. Students will learn about the history, music, culture, and styles that make Hip Hop one of the most…

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Sandra Repnow

Sandra Repnow   Sandra Repnow knew she loved ballet from the age of 6 and trained in Calgary, as well as summer intensives at the Edmonton School of Ballet, the Banff School of Fine Arts, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet and in Montreal at L’Ecole Superieure de Dance du Quebec, where she danced her graduating year. She began teaching Ballet while obtaining her BSc in Psychology at the University of Calgary. In 2002 Sandra was awarded her Licentiate Diploma in…

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Vanessa Phee

  Vanessa Phee Vanessa began dancing competitively at the age of 7 in Calgary, Alberta and has trained in a variety of styles including tap, jazz, ballet, musical theatre, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary. Vanessa has been a proud member of Pure Energy Dance Foundation since it’s conception 5 years ago as both a dancer and teacher. In her dance career Vanessa has received numerous awards and scholarships. Her passion for performing has taken her all other North America…

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Krista LeBlanc

Krista Leblanc, Acrobatics Krista was born with the love of gymnastics. At 4 years old she started with the Cal-East gymnastics club, earning eight badges and competing in the junior Olympics in 1988. Krista continued on with  Gymnastics experience at Altadore Gym Club until the age of 15. In 1995 she completed level 1 coaching certificate. Since her Daughter was old enough to walk, she has been teaching her skills at home, and when she was old enough, at…

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Tasha Hicki

Tasha Hicki (Jr. Jazz) Tasha has been dancing for over 10 years. She has training in ballet, hip-hop, tap, lyrical, jazz, contemporary, and modern. Tasha has been a competitive dancer for over 8 years and has gained recognition and awards in the fields of jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. Tasha has been teaching jazz for 2 and a half years and continues to grow from the experience. She has also danced with the University of Calgary’s Dance Montage, as well…

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Chantelle Lomness

Chantelle Lomness Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Chantelle Lomness has been dancing since the age of 3 and has trained in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop and musical theatre. She now focuses on sharing her experience and knowledge through teaching, which she has been doing for over 15 years. She has received numerous awards for her accomplishments in choreography and many of her students have gone on to professional careers in dance, as well as, won top awards…

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Teri Willoughby

Teri Willoughby, Artistic Director (Ballet) Teri has worked as a teacher and choreographer for 40 years. She began her career dancing with the Alberta Ballet then moved to Montreal to work with the founder of Les Ballet Jazz, Eve Von Gensy. Teri then turned to choreography working with stage shows, musical revue groups and spent 5 years traveling Canada and the US with Stratus Faction, a performing group made up of 26 singers, dancers and musicians. Her credits include…

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What Do We Offer?

What Do We Offer? Tiny Toes and Happy Feet classes are offered for our 3 – 4 year olds, It’s never too early to start! Children will begin to explore basic ballet movement with a special emphasis on interactive movement games, imaginative mimes, singing and story telling. Classes are 45 minutes once a week. Pre Competitive classes are offered for our 5 – 6 year olds, Competitive and Recreational classes in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and Acro classes…

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Wicked is coming to Pure Energy Dance

Pure Energy Dance Foundation (#1 3220 5th Ave NE) is thrilled for the opportunity to join with Broadway Connections to offer a Musical Theater Master Classes with The 2014 Broadway Across Canada Cast from Wicked on Saturday August 16, 2014. o Junior Class ages 6 – 10 2 hour Musical Theater Master Class 9:00 – 11:00 Cost $25.00 o Inter Class ages 11 – Adult 3 hour Musical Theater Master Class 9:00 – 12:00 Cost $35.00 Registration is limited…

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