About Us

Pure Energy Dance Foundation is a registered Non-profit dance studio. Founded in 2009 by a parent group, PEDF continues to be run by an executive and its members. Fund-raising and volunteering are instrumental to the operation of our studio, as are donations from the community. Our goal is to have high quality dance instruction that is affordable to everyone.

PEDF Dance Studio offers classes in:

Tap, Ballet, Jazz,  Lyrical,  Hip Hop, Pointe, and Contemporary.


We have an array of amazing and talented instructors – who encourage our dancers to strive for their best.


PEDF Dance offers both recreational and competitive classes for ages 3 through adult, from beginners to advanced. Our classes are smaller and are designed to give each student personal attention. We stress the importance of technique, showmanship and performance, and how to be the best you can be. Our studio is about maintaining a balance in dance, family, community, and school.

Dance training can be a very special experience for your child. It’s an activity from which your child can learn social graces, self-confidence, and coordination, physical fitness, and responsibility, appreciation for the arts, flexibility, poise and grace. Dance also enhances gymnastics, cheer leading, figure skating and other athletics.

At PEDF, It is our belief that it is absolutely wonderful to shine, both as a dancer and a person, always remembering that it is the teamwork that makes a great studio. It isn’t about being the best; it is about being your personal best. It is about teamwork, hard work, a positive attitude and being respectful. It’s about being an encouraging mentor and upbeat influence on all of the younger dancers.


  • To offer a quality dance education based on a variety of learning opportunities and recognized dance curricula.
  • To offer a positive, fun and friendly environment through commitment, organization and communication.
  • To provide staged performance experiences in a variety of environments.
  • To recognize the importance of the dancer/parent community.

We are committed to creating a happy and positive environment, ensuring the dancers are learning in a supportive and fun atmosphere.

We hope you consider joining the PEDF family and become a part of the energized and positive team environment we embody at Pure Energy Dance!