What it means to be a not for profit

Pure Energy Dance Foundation is a not for profit studio. You’ll hear us say it in advertisements, in meeting and on our social media accounts. So what does nonprofit mean?

To the Government of Alberta:

“Non-profit companies are formed to promote art, science, religions, charity or other similar endeavours, or they may be formed solely for the purpose of promoting recreation for their members” (www.servicealberta.gov.ab.ca/714.cfm).

To become a registered not-for-profit in Alberta, we filed documents that included a declaration that any income we pay to our members must be used to promote the company objectives.  That means that while for-profit studios operate (at least in part) to generate wealth for their owners, our organization uses those funds towards our mission.

Our studio is operated by a board that is elected by our members – the parents!  Each position on the board is a 2-year term, after which a vote in held to decide who is best suited to guide the studio.  That means that parents have a much larger voice in how our studio runs than at a traditional dance studio.  These board members volunteer their time and expertise because they are passionate about providing opportunities in dance to all children.

We also have paid employees, including our amazing Artistic Director and our teachers.  The Artistic Director develops and oversees the artistic and technical development of all of our classes and dancers.

So what’s the Pure Energy Dance Foundation mission?

Our official documents state that:

The object of the Society is to provide funding and organization to encourage the growth and development of children in dance and to enrich the dance experience for all students enrolled in the program, in cooperation with the Artistic Director.

In practice that means that we strive to create an environment where there is a place for every child that wants to dance.  We never ask dancers to audition for the chance to compete, and we always work with parents to provide as much financial support as possible through volunteer opportunities and grants.

We love to see the joy on the face of a child that has discovered dance!