Code of Conduct


Pure Energy Dance Foundation Dancer Agreement

Code of Conduct

I will:

Be on time for rehearsals, classes, and competition.  Be “ready to dance” at the time set for rehearsal to start. I understand the difference between “walking in the door” and being “ready to dance”, i.e., dressed and warmed up.

Work to the best of my ability in every class.

Promise to contact Pure Energy Dance if I am going to be absent from rehearsal or class. I understand that by missing more than one rehearsal per month, except for excused absences, I will be removed from the competition piece, and that all costume and competition fees are non-refundable.

Watch rehearsal in the case of injury or mild illness.

Agree to make Saturdays / Sundays available for rehearsal if doing an extra line, solo, or duet until competition season is finished.

Be polite, courteous and respectful to my teacher.  Pay attention and be quiet in class.  [Students that have been asked more than twice to be quiet/pay attention will be excused from class and must apologize to the teacher before being allowed to return]

Attend Class in appropriate dress and by standards set for competitions.  Remove warm-up clothing when asked by instructor.  Wear make-up, costume, and hairstyle as set for competition.

Follow rules set by Pure Energy Dance and competition venues.

Represent Pure Energy Dance Foundation in a respectful, helpful manner, being positive in spirit, attitude and behavior.

Give my all physically, emotionally and mentally. This includes: dancing full out, leaving personal problems outside the studio and competition site, focusing on material being taught and my own performance.

Respect the Dance School and Performance environments, keeping them neat and clean for the safety of others and myself.

Respect and care for all Costumes, Props and Equipment.

Honor any commitment that I make to the Studio and my peers by attending rehearsals and performances above all other social events.

Discuss any dance-related problem with my parent in a private meeting with the Artistic Director and Executive.

I will not:

Gossip, write, or otherwise communicate negatively about others or myself in or outside of rehearsals and competition. This includes any area related to choreography, costumes, music, teachers, competition staff or other dancers.  (Facebook and other social media)

Bully, gossip about, or isolate other students.

Chew gum or eat food in studios.

Use my cell phone in class.

Upload any PEDF dances or choreography onto Facebook, YouTube, or other similar sites as this could breach copyright.

Leave the Dance Studio premises without a parent/guardian or parental permission.

Re-perform any class choreography that is taught at PEDF at any location without written permission from the choreographer and the PEDF Board, as this could breach copyright.

I understand:

Dancers are expected to attend classes regularly.  Dancers must learn any missed choreography outside of class time and before the next class/rehearsal.

My teacher and the Artistic Director will make the final decision regarding my ability to compete in any discipline.

That there is a zero tolerance behavior policy at PEDF. Dancers behaving inappropriately will be removed from the dance class/competition/performances and parents will be involved.  Inappropriate behavior includes the use of drugs and / or alcohol of any type at/on any PEDF event or property.

I accept this “Code of Conduct” and agree to conduct myself according to the principles and regulations of PEDF. I realize that I may be removed from any dance event for failure to comply.

REASONS FOR TERMINATION. The dancer will be given one warning if not abiding by above agreement. If at this point dancer does not abide by one or more of the above rules she/he will be put on probation and her/ his parents will be notified. If at this point dancer again does not abide by one or more of the above terms, she/he will be removed from the competition group. Reason for immediate dismissal:

1) Attendance.  2) Behavior that causes physical or emotional harm to other or self.  3) Visible disrespect toward others or self.  4) Smoking, drinking or the use of other illegal substances during any PEDF function.

PEDF-Student-Parent-Letter-of-Agreement to print and sign