Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?
Pure Energy Dance Foundation is located at #1 3220 5th Avenue NE. Just West of Marborgh Mall.
Why should I choose Pure Energy Dance Foundation?
PEDF has been in existence since 1992 as a Not-for-Profit Parent Foundation in support of a NE Studio. PEDF has been operating PEDF studio as a full Not-For-Profit dance studio since 2009. The reputation of the school has steadily grown and the successes of the students stand as testimony to the effectiveness of its training programs. The faculty has been carefully augmented over the years to maintain high standards and offer a broad spectrum of dance styles. It’s one of the few studios that offer fundraising opportunities for those interested and include all interested students in the competitive program.
How do I pay for Classes?
Classes can be paid in full by September 1 receiving a 10% discount or on a monthly basis by post-dated cheque, or cash. 12 week recreational programs must be paid in full by the first class.
Why do I pay the same monthly rate regardless if my child has 3, 4 or 5 classes that month?
The school year runs 10 months (From September to June). Tuition is based on Saturday classes, which have a minimum of 32 lessons per year. This takes into account holiday weekends, Christmas and Spring Breaks. Classes, which fall during the week, may end up with one or two extra classes during the year. These classes are considered “courtesy classes” and are not charged for. The total tuition amount is divided into ten monthly payments. There are no classes Thanksgiving, Easter Friday, Family Day or Victoria Day. The studio is closed for a two-week break during Christmas and a one-week break during Spring break (according to the Public School Calendar). Competitive class will run as scheduled or on a modified schedule during Spring break and Easter weekend.
What if my child misses a class?
In order for your child to get the most out of the class, it is important that they attend class each week. However, if your child is sick, please contact the office via telephone or email and we will advise the teacher. If you are planning to be away, please advise the teacher and / or the office of specific dates and reason for absence. Competitive dancers will not be excused from classes except for health reasons after February 1st. If to many classes are missed after February 1st the dancer may be removed from the competitive program at no cost to the studio.
What if my child has a medical condition?
Upon registration you are required to advise us of any medical condition that our teachers should be made aware of. We encourage direct communication with your child’s teacher if there are any important details / special procedures they need to be aware of.
What if my child gets injured?
We recommend that serious or repetitive injuries are assessed and treated by a Health Care Practitioner. Communication with the office and the teacher(s) is integral. Modifications can be made in class to accommodate healing.
How big are your classes?
Class sizes vary depending on age and level. Careful consideration is taken to ensure that each child receives proper instruction. Recreational Classes and Pre-Competitive classes must have a minimum of 6 dancers enrolled.
What should my child wear to class?
Each dance class has different dress requirements for the comfort and safety of your child. Please ensure that your child has the required attire and hair for each class. Please see the PEDF Handbook.
Where do I buy dance attire?

Any dance supplier would have what you need for class. Primary to Senior tap dancers must have Capezio taps. Please NO mary jane tap shoes, they do not have the tap sound quality needed for competition.

MUGE Performance Wear 202, 3132 26th Street NE

LySyds DanceWear 106 5403 Crowchild Trail NW


Competition Questions

What is PEDF philosophy on Competition?
PEDF feels competitions are really just another chance to perform!! Competitions also help push students towards a higher level of skill and performance. We encourage good sportsmanship and team spirit at every competition.
How are competition groups / solo / duets chosen?

Each child interested in competition is registered into the competition program as per their level and age. In October interested dancers may sign up for a solo or duet and request a teacher of their choice.

Why do all students participating in competition NEED to take ballet?
allet is the basis of all dance forms! PEDF feels all students should have this strong technical base (or at least be working towards it) before entering competitions.
How many competitions does PEDF participate in?
PEDF will participate in three to four competitions during April – June and the Grandchampionship in Kelowna in July for a total of four to five competitions. One to two of these competitions will be out of town.  Primary students will perform one dance in one local competition to get a feeling for the competitive atmosphere.
What if my dancer can not make a rehearsal or competition?
Competition is seen as a team commitment, therefore it is integral that each student attends every performance and competition. It is discouraging to the entire group when individuals are absent. Students are notified by October of competition dates, and are expected to make their participation a priority. Students who do not attend performances and competitions without notice will be asked to withdraw from the competitive program. No refunds will be given. If there is an unexpected or UNAVOIDABLE reason for your child to miss a rehearsal or competition, please let the teacher know immediately! Competitive dancer families are asked not to schedule any family holidays from February 1 to the end of June. This includes Easter weekend as many competitions are around this time. Competition schedules are set by the competition and final schedules are sent out 2 weeks prior to the competition.
Who makes the costumes? Who are they paid to?
Costumes cost are paid to the studio. Each competitive dancer is required to pay a costume deposit of $50 per dance by January 15. Each recreational dancer is required to pay a costume deposit of $25 by January 15th. The remainder of the costume fees will be billed out in April and due by May 15th.

Parent volunteers sew and shop for the costumes.

What are the fees associated with participating in competitions?

Fees Include:

1. Choreography fees (if the child is learning the dance out of their regular class)

2. Costume fees $65 and up per Costume.

3. Entry fees $30 per dancer per dance for groups, $40 for duets and $60 per solo

4. Traveling expenses Gas, Hotel and Food

5. Competition Surcharge of $300 if participation in studio fundraising is not completed.

Parents also need to take into account, not all competitions will fall on a weekend. This may mean taking a day off of work and your child missing school

Is it all worth it?
All of our dancers would say YES! They all have a wonderful time at every competition and many parents have REALLY Enjoyed watching their child and others perform! Plus, it creates a great sense of camaraderie among our dancers!  

Year End Recital

Where does the Showcase take place?

The showcase takes place at Bert Church Theatre in Airdrie sometime in late June. Bert Church Theatre is spacious 377-seat theatre with free parking. The yearend recital date will be announced at the AGM in October.

Are there any extra costs associated with the Year-End Recital?
Extra costs include costumes(Competitive students use the same costumes as used for competition) and tickets for the show for all audience members.
What can my child get out of participating in the show?

The year-end Recital is a wonderful chance for your child to perform in front of family and friends. It is the highlight of the year and a culmination of many hours of hard work and practice.