The foundation of all dance technique begins with ballet.  Learn to stand with confidence, move with precision and develop accurate posture and alignment gaining poise, grace, confidence and strength.  Ballet also teaches commitment, determination and body awareness.  Classes are available for both recreational and competitive dancers, ages 6+.



Once your dancer starts tapping, they won’t want to stop!  This style of dances put the dancer in control of the rhythm and beat.  Classes begin by teaching the basic step to help develop a foundation that leads to a deep understanding of phrasing, rhythm and co-ordination.



Jazz dance is a energetic class that helps increase flexibility, strength, control, musicality and confidence.  Dancers will learn various styles of jazz to help develop a well-rounded foundation for increasingly more complex and intricate work.  This class includes a warm-up, stretches, isolations, across-the-floor work and combinations.



Hip Hop

Whether your child is dying to rock the floor and show off their mad style or they want an opportunity to dance without the formal attire; Hip Hop dance is powerful and electrifying. Students will learn about the history, music, culture, and styles that makes Hip Hop one of the most popular styles today. This class helps develop individuality by allowing each student the opportunity to exhibit their uniqueness and personal style. They are encouraged to let their voice be heard, groove wholeheartedly to the beat, and bring pride and confidence into their dancing.


What it means to be a not for profit

Pure Energy Dance Foundation is a not for profit studio. You’ll hear us say it in advertisements, in meeting and on our social media accounts. So what does nonprofit mean?

To the Government of Alberta:

“Non-profit companies are formed to promote art, science, religions, charity or other similar endeavours, or they may be formed solely for the purpose of promoting recreation for their members” (

To become a registered not-for-profit in Alberta, we filed documents that included a declaration that any income we pay to our members must be used to promote the company objectives.  That means that while for-profit studios operate (at least in part) to generate wealth for their owners, our organization uses those funds towards our mission.

Our studio is operated by a board that is elected by our members – the parents!  Each position on the board is a 2-year term, after which a vote in held to decide who is best suited to guide the studio.  That means that parents have a much larger voice in how our studio runs than at a traditional dance studio.  These board members volunteer their time and expertise because they are passionate about providing opportunities in dance to all children.

We also have paid employees, including our amazing Artistic Director and our teachers.  The Artistic Director develops and oversees the artistic and technical development of all of our classes and dancers.

So what’s the Pure Energy Dance Foundation mission?

Our official documents state that:

The object of the Society is to provide funding and organization to encourage the growth and development of children in dance and to enrich the dance experience for all students enrolled in the program, in cooperation with the Artistic Director.

In practice that means that we strive to create an environment where there is a place for every child that wants to dance.  We never ask dancers to audition for the chance to compete, and we always work with parents to provide as much financial support as possible through volunteer opportunities and grants.

We love to see the joy on the face of a child that has discovered dance!

2019 Cash Calendar

The Pure Energy Dance Foundation Cash Calendar is Back!

1,000 tickets printed.

Purchase a cash calendar ticket from one of our competitive dancers for $10.00 and you’ll be entered into a draw for MONEY!!

Every day in November will have a winner, and if you win – your ticket goes BACK IN for the next draw.  That means you’ve got 30 changes to win!


Winners will be announced daily on our Facebook page, so make sure you follow us here


Monday to Friday: $20.00

Saturday: $50

Sunday: $100

GRAND PRIZE WINNER OF $1,000 on November 30th!


Tickets are on sale until November 30th!

Tech and Stretch

Tech and stretch is a class designed to strengthen the body, foster the development of flexibility, improve alignment and to further support the students’ dance training.  This class focuses on strengthening the body for the rigors of dance, however also provides a great workout for those seeking additional physical activity for their child.

Ready to sign up? Click here!

Fort McMurray Dance Donations – Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who donated money for the MacDonald Island Dance
Academy from Fort McMurray  With your help we were able to purchase the
Tap, Jazz, and 1/2 soles that their dancers needed to be able to compete
this weekend!

In addition to giving us 40% off all of our purchases for the Fort
McMurray dancers the owner of Lysyds is going to matched our parent raised
donation of $1000.

We thank all of our parents and Lasyds for their support and hope that these
donations help to make the things a little bit better for all the
MacDonald Island dancers far away from their home.

Competition Attendance Rule

Competition Policy:

Being a competitive dancer requires a lot of commitment.  Teachers and fellow students rely on everyone showing up and being prepared to work in classes and extra rehearsals.

The Competition Attendance Rule:

Attendance at all events and rehearsals are compulsory unless otherwise stated.  If the dancer and/or parents are not in attendance, the dancer may be removed from competition/performance at no cost to the studio.  This attendance rule will be referred to where it applies.

If teachers call for extra rehearsals, they are considered mandatory.  The teachers will work hard to make sure that reasonable notice is given.  The Competition Attendance Rule applies.


Contemporary dance is a creative style of expressive dance which combines elements of several dance styles including modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet.  This style of dance stresses versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet. Contemporary dancers focus on floorwork, using gravity as a tool to move their bodies.



This choreography-based class is for elementary and higher level dancers who want to give voice to their feelings, passion and emotion. Lyrical dance incorporates jazz, ballet and modern dance techniques and is known for its expressiveness and musicality.



For intermediate to advanced level students.  Being fitted for your first pair of pointe shoes is often the highlight of many dancers careers.  This class includes barre and centre work to strengthen the feet and ankles, learn placement, and increase flexibility as they develop pointe work skills. (Note: Students will not begin pointe work without the approval of the artistic director to ensure safety and appropriate development.)


Krista LeBlanc

Krista Leblanc, Acrobatics

Krista was born with the love of gymnastics. At 4 years old she started with the Cal-East gymnastics club, earning eight badges and competing in the junior Olympics in 1988. Krista continued on with  Gymnastics experience at Altadore Gym Club until the age of 15. In 1995 she completed level 1 coaching certificate. Since her Daughter was old enough to walk, she has been teaching her skills at home, and when she was old enough, at the age of 4, Krista introduced her daughter to the sport as well. Her daughter completed 4 badges in 2 years at Stampede City Gymnastics in the recreational program, and was asked to join the competitive program at age 7.

Chantelle Lomness

Chantelle Lomness

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Chantelle Lomness has been dancing since the age of 3 and has trained in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop and musical theatre. She now focuses on sharing her experience and knowledge through teaching, which she has been doing for over 15 years. She has received numerous awards for her accomplishments in choreography and many of her students have gone on to professional careers in dance, as well as, won top awards and scholarships for their abilities at various festivals and competitions. She has also had the pleasure of taking some talented dancers to LA, to train, and perform in Disneyland and aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, as well as performing for the Harlem Globetrotters.


Miss Chantelle has her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Drama and double minor in Dance and English, was a core member of the professional tap company Fab Feet, is a certified teacher through the CDTA, has adjudicated at various festivals throughout Canada and was the Artistic Director of a highly successful studio in Grande Prairie. She is an Equity accredited performer and has been involved in numerous theatrical productions in various roles, primarily as a performer and choreographer. Her theatre credits include High School Musical, Beauty and the Beast, Hairspray, A Chorus Line, Cats, West Side Story, Bye Bye Birdie!, Chicago, Grease, Jesus Christ Superstar, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown and many others.


Miss Chantelle is excited to share her passion for dance and performance with all talented students here at Pure Energy Dance!