Little Dancers at Pure Energy

Every year in June our Little Dancers get to shine up on stage at our Annual Recital !

This is often the moment when children really learn to love dance. Getting to have a special costume and head onto the Big Stage, just like the older dancers makes them feel like a star.

It is so amazing to watch a dancer who at the beginning of the dance year may have been nervous to go to class, but then gets up on stage and struts their stuff for their loved ones to watch.

These little ones can be unpredictable on stage, but that is part of the fun. Our Tiny Toes, Happy Feet, Primary and Junior dancers always steal the show with their adorable smiles, bright shining faces and sweet dances!

2018 Tiny Toes in Costumes
2018 Tiny Toes In Costume – VanKat Photography / Eclectic Shots


There is nothing we love more than watching these little ones take their turn on stage.

Click here to head over to our youtube channel to check out our new video showing off our little ones in action!