Tatti Snow

Tatti’s training started at an early age on another hemisphere. She fell in love with dance after her first ballet lesson, and with time it became clear her passion was not just for ballet, but for any and all forms of movement and body awareness classes.

After years of extensive training and performing in Brazil and other places in South America, Tatti discovered the Circus Arts on silk classes, after a while came the opportunity to run away and join a real Circus and she spent a number of years travelling the US performing, loading, unloading, riding elephants and travelling on a mile-long train with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Baily Circus.

After her time with the circus family, Tatti felt the need to expand her spirit and added Yoga to her repertoire.

Tatti believes her love for dance and any other body movement comes from a number of past lives and she is so thankful she can use this life helping others reach within and finding their own way to express their passion for movement.