Watching Dancers Grow

The studio is currently undergoing an expansion to double our space. As we push forward into the next chapter of our studio, we’ve also taken time to look back. Pure Energy Dance Foundation was lucky enough to take over for an existing studio 9 years ago, and develop Calgary’s first fully not-for-profit studio. So many of our amazing families have stayed with us through it all, and we’ve been so happy to watch these dancers grow. They’ve grown as dancers of course, but also as people.

Our dancers aren’t perfect. No one is! They make mistakes, they stumble, and sometimes they make bad choices. But those are the times when we really get to see that the lessons that they have learned at dance actually make a difference in their lives.

By dancing, they’ve learned that things don’t always come easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the work. They’ve learned that falling down is just another opportunity to get up and try again. They’ve learned that somtimes taking a moment to smile before heading into a scary situation can make all the difference, and that your attitude will effect your outcomes.

We’ve been here through it all. We’ve cried with them, and celebrated with them. We’ve taught them, encouraged them, and sometime we’ve pushed them through kicking and screaming just so that they could prove to themselves how amazing they are!

Pure Energy Dance Foundation has reached an age where each year we have to say goodbye to our dancers and give them over to the world. When saying goodbye seems more bitter than sweet, we remind ourselves that this was the goal all along. We weren’t just teaching dancers, we were helping to raise people with beautiful souls.