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What they're saying about Pure Energy

My child loves to dance. She’s really passionate about dance, so in that way, Pure Energy has been a fabulous, supportive place to help her realize  her dream and her passion for dance.

I think the thing I like about Pure Energy is that there is a lot of camaraderie that you don’t often see in most dance studios.  For example, last year the dad’s went on a golf tournament.  I know who the other dads are, and that doesn’t always happen.  As far as my daughters are concerned, what I find is they really like it; they like competing.  A lot of people say “well, why do you make your daughters compete?”.  I don’t make them compete; they love to do it.  And it will serve them better in life too, because they just don’t feel pressure when they do things…Pure Energy is definitely something that I would recommend to other parents.